The Requirement

Generators must be capable of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be totally reliable. The generator must start at below minus 45 degrees Celsius and work reliably and with high efficiency up to at least 55 degrees Celsius at 3000 meters above sea level.  Sandstorms, rain or snow should not have any adverse effect on generator. Acoustic, electronic and thermal signatures must all be low. Easy access for maintenance is vital and a long operational life is demanded with comprehensive first rate support.

Meeting the Requirement

Fischer Panda Generators are designed and built specifically for mobile applications.  The aim is to provide efficient and reliable power under harsh and extreme conditions. The modular nature of the generators means they can be built as fully self-contained units in a number of configurations, or installed around the vehicle depending on the space available and role.

The Fischer Panda AC alternators supply electricity with a very clean sine wave suitable for sensitive electrical equipment.  They are also capable of providing sufficient power for starting heavier equipment such as environmental control units (ECUs). Fischer Panda DC generators enhance lighter vehicle systems with powerful charging capabilities enabling indefinite silent running. Using water-cooling and operating within a sound-insulated housing all generators are very quiet, are almost vibration free and have minimal thermal signatures which makes them ideal for front line operations.

Parallel load switching and parallel load sharing are available to enable the generators to function as decentralised power assets to manage peak demands for power during operations by combining the power output or swapping the load to sustain supply. Power - wherever you are.