Prime and Auxiliary Power for Military Applications

Modern military systems require highly efficient and reliable power sources in order to function during intense operations and in harsh conditions.

Fischer Panda generators and ECU systems meet this requirement. This website outlines the main types of generators, an overview of their main application areas and shows a selection of the models currently in operation.

Why choose Fischer Panda Generator?

Fischer Panda military generators are EMC proved according to MIL-STD 461E and are difficult to detect by infrared devices due to an effective insulation. The generators are housed within a super-silent special sound cover which ensures the Panda diesel AP

  • Perfect Sine Wave. Critical for sophisticated electronics
  • The stator winding is water-cooled for highest efficiency
  • Specially-lined foam insulation
  • No hot, humid, dirty air used for inside cooling
  • Low Noise: 58 dbA at 7 meters(*)
  • Weight & size savings
  • No brushes, no rotating diodes
  • Water-cooled System for Engine & Generator
  • Lifetime guarantee on rotor: No parts to fail or replace
  • EMC proved according to MIL-STD 461E
  • Shock & vibration proved according to MIL-STD 810
  • Metal Sound Capsule
  • Asynchronous Design
  • Minimal IR Signature
  • Protection against environmental threats
  • Reliability
  • Design flexibility

Combined Generator / ECU for Container Systems

This highly sophisticated "all-in-one" solution from Fischer Panda is for container-based applications requiring electrical power, advanced ECU heating and air-conditioning capabilities.

The system is designed for command units maintaining a heightened "battle readiness" which are connected to a mains power grid where disruption or total loss is imminent or expected. The complete unit makes efficient use of co-generation coupling the generator cooling system with the ECU system.

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